Valentine’s Day Sweets!

I have big pots, small pots, mixers, blenders, pans, and a large bucket of utensils. These kitchen items are displayed ever so cute in our kitchen. And well, they pretty much stay there. I personally think they feel more at home staying in their designated spot. My husband, however, would beg to differ. Although I am no pro in the kitchen (or even close) every once in a while I will take on a small cooking project. I am pretty sure that everyone is more scared of the days I do cook than the days I don’t. They would probably rather not eat at all.

But this Valentine’s Day I am going to pull out the old baking ware and create a dessert for two! I received a little inspiration from the incredible Martha Stewart. With her recipes and tips, I hope to have a sweet evening with my valentine! Check out these creations and pull out your baking materials!

{ cutest handwritten valentine cupcakes w/ chocolate glaze }

{ chocolate sandwiches }

{ darkest chocolate crepe cake… don’t get your hopes up babe.. this is out of my league! }

{brownie heart cupcakes }

{ hot chocolate with marshmallow hearts.. so cute! }

{ chocolate pots de creme }



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  1. winn

    This is looking very positive for me! Cheers to a great V-Day…whether the cupcakes are stellar or not.

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